Affordable boat cushions

Written by Foam Factory Inc.

Boat owners are often confronted with the discomfort of saggy and sloppy boat cushions on their benches and berth after some years of use. Even though your boat might be made to last, its cushions are unfortunately not. Boat cushions are prone to wear and tear and can sometimes be damaged by dirt, stains, rain and seawater. Worn-out cushions and mattresses are very uncomfortable to sit or lie on, especially if you have to spend a long time at sea. A way around this is to change your boat cushions often.

If you are embarking in a cushion replacement project, you are probably either considering the DIY approach or opting for ready made replacement cushions. Performing your boat’s foam replacement yourself is cost-effective and enables you to control the quality and design of foam and fabric used. Durable and fast drying foams are better suited for the inner and outer elements of your boat or yacht. Usually foam manufacturing companies can provide you with custom-cut foams to fit the dimension of your cushions or boat mattress.

The Foam Factory Inc. is a foam manufacturing and selling company that has existed since 1980. This company proposes a large array of product to cater for your boat mattress or cushion replacements projects. Their marine foams are anti-microbial, fast-drying and have the advantage of being long-lasting. Their staff are ever ready to answer to any queries regarding custom fits of boat foams.