Basic Catfishing Tips

Catfish can grow to be monsters and reeling in a 100 pounder can be a lot of work. Although it is rare to get anything regularly in the 100 pound range, even lesser weights can give you a good fight and be a lot of fun. Here are some popular ways in which you can go fishing for these great fish.

The premier catfishing method is called Jug Fishing. This involves using a flotation device like a used 2 liter Coke bottle or a plastic jug. You can use live or dead bait. Shad and Perch are the preferred types to be used here as larger catfish go after these. Don’t be afraid to use big bait, you’ll be surprised to see how fast a six inch perch can dissapear.

Drift Fishing is another popular way of fishing for catfish. By drifting across structure changes like old river beds or drop off points you are likely to find some good action. Here you will be better off with live bait. Perch fish will serve you well here. Secure a good solid weight to the end of the line and then tie on the hook around 3 feet above it. The idea is to keep the Perch just off the bottom of the bed but right in the front of the catfish.

Of course, the old method of setting up camp in one spot is also a good one. Here you will need to bait your hook with chicken liver or some blood bait to get some quick action. You can let hook sink to the bottom or attach a cork to your line and let it sit under that. Although you are more likely to catch smaller fish than when using other bigger bait, the focus here is on getting some action.