Choosing a Proper Reel

Going fishing requires proper equipment. The equipment greatly depends on the type of fish you are going after. In this regard, there are two types of reels you can choose from.

1. The open faced spinning reel
2. The baitcasting reel

Spinning reels – For smaller test lines like 14 pounders or lower, spinning reels are the best choice. Keep the gear ratio to around 5.1 : 1, as anything faster will mean that you are sacrificing power. The problem with these spinning reels is that they tend to get tangled sometimes. Untangling them is annoying and tedious. To avoid tangles or snarls as they are often known, try spraying the line with silicone. You should also close the bell manually after you finish casting. This will avoid most cases of snarling. You should also avoid filling the spool completely for a better experience. One other issue with these reels is that they don’t heavy lines and lines with larger memory very well.

Baitcasting reels – Keep the gear ratio the same as for the spinners (again based on the power issue). These reels can handle much heavier lines like the 20 pounders and above. So you can put on heavier bait and go after bigger fish like tiger muskie or northern pike. This reel is great for fighting fish that are in heavy cover or in the weeds. The key with these reels is setting the tension. If you get that right, you can avoid the dreaded backlash.