Helpful tips to quit smoking

Trying to quit and addiction takes a lot of courage and a lot of self discipline. This is an unhealthy habit which can cause severe health problems such as cancer. Though you are aware of all this it is extremely difficult to quit the habit. But there are steps you could take to rid yourself of this deadly addiction.

First of all you have to want to quit. No one can make you do it. Think of all the damage smoking can do to you and your loved ones whenever you want to have one. Have a person you can talk to when you have the urge and have him distract you.

Identify and avoid as much as possible situations that trigger an urge. These triggers could be stress, the company of certain people or other situations.

Whenever you get an urge, stop for a few minutes. Do something to keep yourself occupied for a while. The urge will pass. You could also try chewing something like chewing gum or suck on a lollipop.

Avoid taking alcohol. Alcohol affects your judgment and will get in the way of you r attempts to quit smoking.