How Law Enforcement Uses Radar Guns and Speed Limit Signs

Police and Law Enforcement agencies use radar guns to manage traffic speeds on highways in both rural and urban areas. While driving on the road, a sign that says “Speed Radar Enforced”, means that there is probably a cop hidden nearby with a radar gun. Despite numerous warnings and efforts, however, motorists still choose to exceed the speed limit at the wheel. In court, tickets are substantiated by data collected from radar guns as evidence. Choosing a reliable radar gun as a law enforcement agency is crucial for an effective highway enforcement system.

Police Speed Guns

Police speed guns available range in their capabilities and pricing. Consulting a professional expert in radar guns can help your agency find the right radar guns for the right price. Decatur Electronics makes a popularly used radar gun called “The Scout” with a good mix of features for an affordable price. The most convenient feature of The Scout is its ability to run on AA batteries if necessary. If for some reason the lifelong NiMH rechargeable batteries run out for the day, AA batteries can be used in their place in emergency situations. The device can also be charged with a car adapter which makes it one of the most reliable pieces of equipment on the market in regards to battery life.

The Genesis Handheld Directional is an upgrade from the Decatur Electronics’ The Scout. This speed gun can isolate traffic in one direction or display traffic in both directions for both approaching or receding traffic. The device uses a top-of-the-line K-Band Antenna to target and lock speeds displayed. This device is enclosed in a durable polycarbonate casing and comes available with a convenient port to upload data to a laptop or LCD display.

Traffic Loggers

A traffic logger can be used to gather data speed samples from corresponding radar guns used by law enforcement. That data doesn’t require any special software to be used and can be charted with on a simple Microsoft Windows Excel spreadsheet. This piece of equipment analyzes max traffic speeds, average traffic speeds, traffic time/speed intervals, number of vehicles above traffic speed limit and total number of vehicles.

Radar Speed Limit Signs

Radar speed limit signs can be mounted on trailers or to poles on the side of the street. These signs display the current speed motorists are driving at to encourage them to slow down if they are exceeding the speed limit. These signs have an enormous impact in sensitive areas including school zones, construction zones and gated communities.


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