How to Prevent a Short Life Span for Your Boat’s Cushions

The-Advantages-of-Using-Marine-Foam-on-Your-BoatIf you own a boat, then you’re bound to run across that time where you’re going to need to give your prized possession a little facelift. This could be anything from a boat mattress replacement to replacing the cushions that are filled with micro bacteria. Here are some ideas that will help you on what to look for on your boat.

Purchase Formulated Cushions

One of the most obvious replacements that you’re going to need to make is the cushions. If you don’t own a marine foam cushion, or a specially-formulated foam that resists microbial growth, then expect to see a large, seething pile of green on the interior. Nobody wants to sit on a seat that’s also functioning as a culture farm. Purchase an open-cell foam that’s designed to resist bacterial growth for optimal results.

Store Your Cushions

One of the primary ways to protect your seats is by storing it in a waterproof container on your boat. Through constant exposure to the moist environment, you’ll run through more problems than if it were just contained after use. Realistically, the last thing that you’re going to want do is to keep replacing your seat cushions. Ideally foam replacement isn’t the most exciting thing that you want to do. Instead, just purchase based on quality, not the price tag.

Rinse Them After Use

Be sure that you rinse your boat’s patio cushion with fresh water after use. This will wash out the bacteria from the boat as well as keep any small critters from getting trapped inside. By taking care of your boat the proper way, you’ll not only improve each part’s life span, but you’ll also keep your boat in tip-top shape.