How to Replace Boat Seat Cushion Foam

Written by The Foam Factory

After your boat has been in use for a few years, the seat cushions might start to wear out. If the seat cushions in your boat are uncomfortable, torn, or sagging, replacing the foam in the cushions can give the seats new life. Foam replacement is a relatively easy project that requires little time. It is also a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new seat cushions. Since owning a boat is expensive, this DIY project is a great way to save money and spend time working on your boat. The following is a brief tutorial on how to replace the foam in your boat seat cushions.

Find a foam retailer near you. Before you can start this project, you will need to buy seat cushion foam from a foam replacement retailer. If you can’t find a store near you, consider shopping online. The key is to find a retailer that specializes in high-quality foam that can be purchased in any size or shape.

Buy the right foam. Once you’ve found a retailer you’re comfortable with, it’s time to purchase the right kind of foam. Not all foam is created equal. While some foam is designed for sofa foam replacement projects, others are made for water vessels. When it comes to replacing the foam for boat seats, you will need especially designed foam created for outdoor use. We recommend using Dryfast foam, outdoor-ready foam that not only dries fast, but also helps stop the growth of microorganisms.

Remove old foam. In order to effectively remove the worn out foam, you can unzip the boat cushions and save the foam for the next step. If the boat cushions do not feature a zipper, you will need to use scissors to cut them open and remove the old foam.

Measure your cushion. Take the old foam and measure it. Taking proper measurements of the old foam is important because you will need to cut new foam to fit the existing seat cushions. We recommend to “measure the greatest length and with, seam-to-seam across the center of the flattened cover.” Using the measurements, you can cut the new foam in the right size.

Stuff your cushions. Place the newly cut foam into the cushion by folding the sides of the foam together long ways like a taco facing up. Stuff the taco into the cushion while it is still folded. Then either zip the cushion shut or sow it closed.
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