No Boat is Complete Without Custom Boat Cushions

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

So you’ve finally fulfilled your dreams and purchased a boat. Congratulations! Now, nothing stands between you and the wind and the waves. Whether you’ve gone with a modest fishing rig, an old-fashioned sailboat or a luxurious yacht, you’ve taken the first step towards being one of those people that everyone else envies—because you’ve got a boat! But notice that this is only the first step. The next step is to make your boat a comfort away from home, so that when you bring people on board, they know that your new vessel isn’t just about the visual flair.

Custom cushions are your best bet for outfitting a new vessel. Part of the fun of owning a boat is lounging about and drinking mimosas while the sun sets. Don’t just settle for a few hard benches and a flat deck space for sunbathers. Create your own couches and reclining chairs on board to show everyone you mean business!

You can’t just drag your re-upholstered couch on board, you need cushions that are specially designed for sea travel. You’ll need to order some foam designed for outdoor use, and you’ll need special materials such as canvas cloth to cover the cushions you make. You can order cushions already made online, but you’ll pay double the cost of what you’d pay if you attempted to make them yourself. Plus, a custom boat cushion can double as a flotation device if you use foam as the base material.

As you’re likely aware, anything on a boat is going to be more or less constantly exposed to the elements, including heavy amounts of moisture and direct sunlight. This combination quickly wears down most materials, at the very least bleaching the color out of them and in all likelihood setting them up for accelerated rot and decay, especially if you plan on taking your boat out into saltwater. Plus, being in a humid environment for a prolonged time is an invitation to mildew and mold. Even if you manage to avoid the total onset of mold, there will always be a mildew smell you won’t be able to get rid of, which is sure to put a damper on boat outings for you and your passengers.

From California, to Canada, upholstery foam should be your number one choice to outfit your boat. It dries faster than traditional materials, so it’s easier to avoid the mold and mildew problem, and it holds up much better to the hazards of the outdoor environments. With foam, all your passengers will stay happy while you enjoy taking on the seas, oceans, or lakes!