The Incredible Properties of Marine Foam

Written by: The Foam Factory

When you look at a boat mattress, do you see a place to sleep or a tool for survival? If you answered “both” then you’re right! The same foam that is used to sleep on can act as a flotation device that saves your life. Plus, dryfast foam (which is also sometimes called “outdoor foam”) doesn’t retain moisture as often as typical foam sheets. With less moisture, your bed or seat cushions can’t become a breeding house for bacteria.

How Marine Foam Works

Marine foam used in a boat mattress replacement or seat cushion has open cells. These open cells allow water to slip seamlessly through the foam, but the foam sheets retain their shape and tensile strength. You can lay on one with plenty of support, even if you’re floating in the middle of the ocean.

While you hope it never comes to that, it’s reassuring to know the same foam used in life jackets is elsewhere on the boat.

It’s not only new cushions either. Older seat cushions were designed with the same principles of safety in mind. It may be a good idea to replace old cushions, though, as long term exposure to sun may dry them out and make them brittle.


You can use marine foam for other applications too. It might not be the best idea to make your home bed from this material, but you can easily revamp sagging patio chairs and lounges with a foam sheet, some thread and a needle. Although, it’s worth noting that this foam has some properties that make it excellent for people who suffer from respiratory ailments.

Dryfast foam is also anti-microbial, which makes it good for homes with children. Bacteria can’t grow easily on this kind of foam, so there is little danger to your child’s respiratory system over long term exposure.

However, do be aware that this foam isn’t rated for aquarium use. Those hoping to utilize extra foam to dress up their fish aquarium might want to reconsider before exposing their precious fish to dryfast foam.


This type of foam is usually sold in sheets that can be as large as 50 feet, but you can order custom cuts as well if you need them. Most people will want to cut the foam themselves on site, but you’ll get greater precision if you order pre-cut foam. This is especially important in homes that have couches with oddly-shaped cushions, such as a corner or window cushion.