The Top Boating Activities in the Cayman Islands

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car

Planning a vacation to the Cayman Islands? Great choice! The Cayman Islands offer plenty of things to do for all types of travelers, from underwater sports to land attractions and great shopping. However, most people visit the Cayman Islands for the Caribbean waters. The Cayman Islands boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and most people do more than sunbathe while there.

Whether you’re visiting Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, or Cayman Brac, there’s one activity you have to do while there: boating. Andys Rent-A-Car offers the following top boating activities you simply must do while in the Cayman Islands.

Sailing in the Caribbean

There is nothing like sailing in the Caribbean. Whether you own a sailboat or have never been sailing before, the Cayman Islands is a great place to enjoy the sea on a sailboat. There are plenty of companies that offer sailing services, so it’s smart to call ahead of time to reserve a spot. The best place to start is to contact the Cayman Islands Sailing Club. Visitors can choose from sunset sails, pirate ship sails, or catamarans. You might even be there during a race, so make sure to check the Cayman Islands’ events calendar for regattas.

Cayman Island Yachts

Have you ever been on a yacht before? If not, it’s an experience of a lifetime. If you’re searching for a way to enjoy the sea in luxury, a yacht is the way to go. Many visitors drive their Grand Caymans car rentals straight to the local marinas to reserve a yacht or boat charter. There are two marinas that offer yacht services: The Barcadere and Harbour House. Visitors can choose from sunset tours, or a day out on the sea. The good news is that you will have an experienced captain that will take you where you want to go.

Banana Boats

In addition to relaxing on a sailboat or yacht, there are plenty of exciting activities on the water for guests of all ages. If you’ve already gone sailing and enjoyed your time on a luxurious yacht, you can enjoy the Caribbean waters on a banana boat! A banana boat is the Cayman Islands’ version of tubing, a small round raft that goes behind a speedboat. But beware: most boat drivers will try to tip you over, so hold on tight. Banana boats are fun and exciting, a great way to spend the day on the ocean with friends or family.
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