Tips to Make Your Next Road Trip Easier

Written by: The Foam Factory

After 6 hours in a car, most seat backs are bound to feel stiff and uncomfortable. When you’re on a road trip, you want to take in the scenery without worrying about pinched nerves and back aches. Comfortable seating is only one element to this equation. Read on for tips to make your next road trip simple and easy.

Lumbar Support

One quick fix for back problems during a road trip is to get yourself some lumbar support. You can use the same kind of seat foam already in your car, which is easy to order online. You can get shapes custom cut to your liking, or simply buy a small foam sheet and roll it up. To complete the “pillow”, you’ll need some kind of cloth covering. A simple stitch will hold everything together.

Rest Stop Seating

As you drive across the nation, you’ll notice a variety of rest stops. Some of these stops are fully furnished with benches and comfortable seating. If that seating happens to be in the sun all day, you’ll be lucky not to get a burnt bottom. A foam seat can save you from that fate, even if it’s just a cushion between your bottom and the warm bench.

Plan for Stops

There is always going to be an unscheduled bathroom break no matter how hard you try and plan around them. So it’s a good idea to try and plan for important rest stops and breaks that relate to attractions you care about. Your local Triple A office is great for this kind of planning, but you can open up any Thomas Guide or Waze and find some interesting stops between your home and destination.

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