What is a Turf Truckster?

turf truckster is a utility vehicle that is used on the golf course by groundskeepers. It is mainly used for keeping the golf course greens in excellent condition. It has an automatic transmission with your choice of gas or diesel. It also has a fuel injected engine that is liquid cooled and has a 2850 pounds capacity. These utility vehicles are durable and rugged and are built to last for many years.

With today’s economy, it is hard for many people to afford a new golf cart so it is for that reason that many people are turning towards a used club car. This saves avid golf lovers quite a bit of money but they are still able to enjoy their golf game. The downside to purchasing a pre-owned club car is that there is usually no warrantee that comes with it except a few factory remanufactured products do come with its normal two year limited warranty.

reel mower is also called a manual mower, hand mower or push mower. But they all basically mean the same thing. This type of lawnmower contains blades that go around much like a paddle out. When you pushed the lawnmower, the wheels turn in the blades rotate at the same time. Once the wheel stops, the blades stop spinning as well. This is one of the amazing safety features that are unique in this type of mower compared to rotary mowers.